École de la Foi

École de la Foi

A work in the service of Christians from all departments of Evidence!

Our faith must first be based on solid biblical foundations! Then, as and as we grow in faith, it is important to train to serve!

Form requires personal effort and personal commitment. As Christians, we are not called to be only “consumers”. But God expects us we produce fruits worthy of the vocation to which He has called us.

The School of the Faith is at your service for this purpose.


1st level – class “Alpha”

If you are new in the church and you are thirsty to know the biblical message, the person of God, the work of Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit, register immediately! You will discover what love God loved you.

2nd level – class “New Life”

You attend church for quite a while, and you have experienced the “conversion” and “new birth”. This class will allow you to engage further in this new life, under the guidance of God and the Spirit.

3rd level – class “Awakening the Faith”

You have gone through the class “New Life,” and you aspire to become a true disciple of Christ. This class will allow you to (re) lay the foundations for a true Christian life – for a victorious Christian life!

4th level – class “Foundations of Faith”

You have gone through the class “Awakening the Faith”, where you learn to become a true disciple.

Now you are in the class, as the Apostle Paul to the Galatians, you will receive solid food, and begin not you behave like children, but as responsible men and women.

In this class you will learn obedience to Scripture, for effective engagement in the church, the mystical body of Christ.

5th level – class “Deepening Faith”

For several years, you are committed to the School of the Faith. You grew spiritually, you have matured in your Christian experience.

You do not need a guardian, but this year, in your turn, you learn to be a support for others. Not only will progress only you, but you will be able to advance the other. You will be a faithful Christian, and the church, a model that will allow others to grow as you did!

6th level – class “Development of Faith”

You arrive at the end of the cycle of the School of the Faith. You have learned many things, and above all, to put these things into practice in your own life!

In the class this year, you will develop the whole dimension of an adult and mature Christian, able to accomplish what is expected of him, and to take initiatives for the church growth. You will become a Christian to take responsibility, and assume, in close collaboration with ministries at the church head.